What is Wood-plastic Wallboard? How to Install Wood-plastic Wallboard 什么是木塑墙板 木塑墙板如何安装

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What is wood-plastic wall panel


Wooden plastic wall panels, also known as ecological wood, are not easily deformed, moisture-proof, insect and ant resistant, and have certain environmental performance. Beautiful and generous, with a variety of decors and a wide range of applications. Instead of anti-corrosion wood material, it is often used for three-dimensional effects on walls and interior background wall decoration.


Installation method of wood-plastic wall panels


Step 1: Firstly, it is necessary to install the keel and use expansion pipes to fix it, while also requiring overall leveling. The wooden plastic keel is installed on the ground, with the expansion pipes kept between 5 to 6cm, and the surface of the wooden plastic keel is required to be higher than the nail cap of the screw.


Step 2: Fix the self tapping screws on the wooden plastic keel, consistent with the surface of the wooden plastic wall panel, with a spacing of approximately 5 millimeters.


Step 3: Fix the wooden plastic wall panel and keel with screws at the beginning and end of laying, and use plastic clips at the junction of other wooden plastic wall panels and keels to check if they are securely connected.




Effect Picture of Wood Plastic Wall Panel


The white concave convex wood plastic wallboard, the arches with Mediterranean elements, and the pastoral style cross french window give a simple and pure visual experience. The large red arched door features a white main color tone, paired with light colored anti-corrosion wood. A sharp contrast and a combination of dynamic and static colors create a harmonious and natural color scheme. For those of you who enjoy a casual style, consider this design.


Effect Picture of Wood Plastic Wall Panel


The overall rendering gives a simple feeling, with the suspended ceiling featuring simple surroundings and warm yellow light strips for decoration, making the entire space warm and bright. The light colored leather sofa is decorated with wooden and plastic wall panels in natural wood color, creating a stylish and stylish atmosphere. At the corner, an ornamental area has been designed with green plants, making the entire space lively and vivid.


Effect Picture of Wood Plastic Wall Panel


The spatial color is mainly warm, and the walls are decorated with wall panels of similar colors. The combination of wood plastic wall panels and solid wood wall panels fills the entire space with a warm feeling. Solid wood furniture paired with modern fabric sofas creates a calm and stylish overall look. The European style pendant lights add a unique visual experience to the mix and match style.



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