What are the advantages of bamboo board?竹板材有哪些优势?

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1. Durable and durable


Due to the influence of soil factors, bamboo has finer properties than solid wood, and the density of fibers rich in bamboo gives it better tensile and compressive strength. And it is very sturdy and more resilient. The surface feel is also more slippery, soft and comfortable.



2. Clear texture


During the processing of bamboo board, great attention is paid to the preservation of the original quality of bamboo, so the finished product is very bright, especially with clear bamboo patterns. The overall effect after paving is particularly unique. Unlike solid wood, which inevitably has color differences, bamboo boards can achieve uniform and consistent colors.


3. Natural environmental protection


Bamboo board is definitely a green material from nature, perfectly preserving the original characteristics of bamboo and creating a simple, fresh, and elegant home environment for consumers. And its adhesive is also very environmentally friendly, meeting the national E1 standard, without worrying about the harm of toxic substances.


4. Warm in winter and cool in summer


Bamboo boards can quickly release heat and have excellent thermal conductivity. It can vary with changes in surrounding temperature. In the scorching summer, bamboo boards make people feel cool; In cold winter, bamboo boards can quickly lock in temperature.


5. Anti deformation and dry cracking


During the production process of bamboo board, advanced drying technology is used, which allows the moisture content to be controlled around 8-14%. With efficient adhesive and high-temperature pressing, the bamboo board will not crack or deform due to changes in surrounding temperature over time. Especially suitable for dry areas in the north.


Created on:2023年11月17日 10:22