The Three Advantages of SPC FlooringSPC地板的三大优势

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In terms of home decoration, there are more and more materials and styles to choose from. You may know common types of floor materials such as ceramic tile flooring and marble flooring, but you may not be very familiar with SPC flooring. Below we will introduce a brand new option - SPC flooring.



SPC flooring is made by mixing plastic materials and stone powder, giving it both the strength of stone and the toughness of plastic. In addition, the floor has a variety of patterns and styles that are very realistic, and will not be damaged due to long-term use.


The installation method used for SPC flooring is a buckle design, which does not require the use of any adhesive during the installation process, blocking the channels for formaldehyde production and reducing formaldehyde production in the home. During the production process of the floor, no harmful substances were added, and the main components were reusable materials, making it more green and environmentally friendly.


This floor has excellent waterproof properties and will not cause damage to the floor when in contact with water. Can be applied to bathrooms, balconies, or kitchens. The surface of the floor has a very sturdy wear-resistant layer, so there is no need to worry about whether it will cause damage during use.


From the above content, it can be seen that SPC flooring has strong practicality, and the range of use at home is not limited. There are also many options for patterns and styles.


Created on:2023年11月17日 10:50